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Welcome to my blog, I use this site to blog about professional things that interest me. That’s mostly:

  • Data science and statistics
  • Programming in R
  • Teaching/Lectures, and meetup talks
  • Other interesting projects I’m involved in
If you’re interested in my professional services, visit my business site at Sarid Research Institute.

Partner and Head of Opeartions Research Department

Sarid Research Institute LTD.


Adi Sarid is a partner and head of Operations Research Department at the Sarid Research Institute LTD.

Adi has a PhD in Operations Research from the department of Industrial Engineering in Tel-Aviv university, an MSc in Operations Research from Tel-Aviv university, and a BA in Mathematics Statistics and Operations Research from the Technion.

Adi is also a certified RStudio instructor, teaching tidyverse, shiny, statistics, and data science.


  • Data Science
  • Operations Research/Optimization
  • Market Research


  • PhD in Operations Research, 2020

    Tel-Aviv University

  • MSc in operations research and statistics, 2010

    Tel-Aviv University

  • BSc in mathematics, statistics, and operations research, 2005

    The Technion



Data Science and R


Operations Research

Market Research

Quantitative and Qualitative

Recent Posts

YAPOEH! (Yet another post on error handling)

Error catching can be hard to catch at times (no pun intended). If you’re not used to error handling, this short post might help you do it elegantly. There are many posts about error handling in R (and in fact the examples in the purrr package documentation are not bad either).

Teaching with zoom breakout-rooms and the learnr package

Corona has put us in an awkward situation, where we must rethink and revise our ways of doing things (teaching, working, baby sitting, balancing work and life, or any other related field of your choosing).

Set up RStudio server with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

For a while now I’ve been struggling with various installation setup related to the open source versions of RStudio server, Shiny server (and dockerized versions of them). After browsing internet tutorials on-and-off for the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a small gap when it comes to setting up RStudio server and shiny server securely, i.

Impressions and notes from rstudio::conf2020

I’m just on my way back from this year’s rstudio::conf. Here’s an account of a few of the things which I found interesting, inspiring, or that might have some other impact in the future.

Confidence and prediction intervals explained... (with a Shiny app!)

This semester I started teaching introduction to statistics and data analysis with R, at Tel-Aviv university. I put in a lot of efforts into bringing practical challenges, examples from real life, and a lot of demonstrations of statistical theory with R.


I have taught and/or scheduled to teach the following courses:

  • Introduction to Data Science with R (in collaboration with Naya Collegue), ongoing public course (you can register at Naya and join it).
  • R corporate training course (tidyverse and business applications, statistical learning theory and practice). These are licensed as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, you are free to share and adapt, just provide proper attribution.
  • Introduction to statistics and data analysis with R (Tel Aviv University, scheduled A, B 2019-2020, semester B 2021).

Most materials are available online:

Recent & Upcoming Talks

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