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I’ve been building R shiny apps for a while now, and ever since I started working with shiny, it has significantly increased the set of …

Over the last month I gave a tidyverse + intro to data science corporate training in a startup in Tel-Aviv. We had two groups …

A few months ago I attended the 2019 rstudio::conf, including the shiny train-the-trainer workshop. It was a two day workshop and it …

A few days ago I presented at the 9th Israeli class action lawsuit conference. You’re probably asking yourself what would a data …

With all the functional programming going on (i.e., purrr::map and the likes), there is at least one thing that I found missing: …


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I have taught or scheduled to teach the following courses:

  • Introduction to Data Science with R (in collaboration with Naya Collegue)
  • R corporate training course (tidyverse and business applications, in collaboration with Naya Collegue)
  • Introduction to statistics with R (Tel Aviv University, scheduled for Semester A 2019-2020)