Teaching with zoom breakout-rooms and the learnr package

Corona has put us in an awkward situation, where we must rethink and revise our ways of doing things (teaching, working, baby sitting, balancing work and life, or any other related field of your choosing).

Set up RStudio server with Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

For a while now I’ve been struggling with various installation setup related to the open source versions of RStudio server, Shiny server (and dockerized versions of them). After browsing internet tutorials on-and-off for the last couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a small gap when it comes to setting up RStudio server and shiny server securely, i.

Impressions and notes from rstudio::conf2020

I’m just on my way back from this year’s rstudio::conf. Here’s an account of a few of the things which I found interesting, inspiring, or that might have some other impact in the future.

Confidence and prediction intervals explained... (with a Shiny app!)

This semester I started teaching introduction to statistics and data analysis with R, at Tel-Aviv university. I put in a lot of efforts into bringing practical challenges, examples from real life, and a lot of demonstrations of statistical theory with R.

Retrieving google drive item shares and permissions (in R)

Google drive is a great tool, specifically we’ve been using “G Suite” (the equivalent of google drive but for businesses), for a long time. Lately I noticed it’s missing an important feature - monitoring file shares and permission of google drive items across organization is non-trival (at least in the G suite basic subscription).

Securing Shiny apps with AWS Cognito authentication

Background Shiny apps are a great way to share information and empower your users. Sometimes you want to make sure that only authenticated and authorized users will be able to view your shiny apps.

What NOT to do when building a shiny app (lessons learned the hard way)

I’ve been building R shiny apps for a while now, and ever since I started working with shiny, it has significantly increased the set of services I offer my clients.

Test your tidyness - a short quiz to check your tidyverse capabilities

Over the last month I gave a tidyverse + intro to data science corporate training in a startup in Tel-Aviv. We had two groups (beginners and intermediates), and for the last assignment of the course I was aiming for a short quiz comprised of various topics which we covered during the course, such that can also be automated easily (i.

The teachR's::cheat sheet

A few months ago I attended the 2019 rstudio::conf, including the shiny train-the-trainer workshop. It was a two day workshop and it inspired me in many ways. The first day of the workshop focused on the very basics of teaching (R or anything else), and for me it put the spotlight on things I never considered before.

Settling class action lawsuits with conjoint analysis and R (+a conjoint shiny app)

A few days ago I presented at the 9th Israeli class action lawsuit conference. You’re probably asking yourself what would a data scientist do in a room full of lawyers?