Securing Shiny apps with AWS Cognito authentication

Background Shiny apps are a great way to share information and empower your users. Sometimes you want to make sure that only authenticated and authorized users will be able to view your shiny apps. There are a number of ways to make sure only certain users have access to your apps. For example, you can subscribe to the professional plan in which has this option built-in. You can program the authentication flow internally by yourself, or you just use a 3rd party service such as google firebase, AWS Cognito, Auth0, or others).

What NOT to do when building a shiny app (lessons learned the hard way)

I’ve been building R shiny apps for a while now, and ever since I started working with shiny, it has significantly increased the set of services I offer my clients. Here’s a documentations of some of the many lessons I learned in previous projects I did. Hopefully, others can avoid them in the future. Background Shiny is a really great tool that allows data scientists to communicate their analysis in an appealing and an effective way.

Settling class action lawsuits with conjoint analysis and R (+a conjoint shiny app)

A few days ago I presented at the 9th Israeli class action lawsuit conference. You’re probably asking yourself what would a data scientist do in a room full of lawyers? Apparently, there is a lot to do… Here’s the story: being in market research, we get a lot of lawyers which are faced with class action lawsuits (either suing or being sued) - and they hire us to conduct research and estimate things like the size of the group for the class action, or the total damages applied on the group.